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No More REAL Rap Superstars

So BOOM...I'm at work...listening to The Breakfast Club on YouTube.

Guest: Nicki Minaj (phone interview), she's like there's not alot of rap superstars...which there isn't. Now I'm old, but I'm young, so I'll use Jay Z as an example.

Nah, fuck it NWA. Let's start with NWA...everyone has seen Straight Outta Compton.

Think about their grind. The WORK they put into marketing in terms of exposure. They had to physically reach out to the people in order to get their music out there and gain fans.

Now cue Jay Z...everyone knows his story. The man sold CD's out the trunk of his car.

Fast forward to today. Upload a song and BOOM its getting streamed in a little village with 1 computer supplied by a fake Christian (I don't wanna argue).

There aren't more REAL rap superstars because 'stardom' has become easier to obtain.

These days 'artist' dont have to put in the same work. The easier something is to obtain the less it's appreciated.

The days of elite rap superstars seem to be behind us, like it's an assembly like some where, kinda disappointing.

Anticipation is apart of what made an artist great. Now you just gotta log onto IG and BOOM...ya know what they're up to.

A true artist understands the importance of honing their craft and take their time to create.

But...that's just my opinion and ish

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