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Female Rap Beef: Bishes Is Petty, Y'all Know That 🤷🏿‍♀️

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

In the words of Joe Budden, 'I love rap beef', the shit gets my dick hard. Of course I don't have a dick, but now you understand my level of excitement. 

It's like an extended rap battle with a larger audience. I love hearing artist's go bar for bar with one another, really going at it. Some of the best lines in Hip-Hop have come from rap beef. 

To be clear, I love the bars that come from beef, but not any of the violence that may or may not have happened outside the booth. 

Rap beef is a component of Hip-Hop, it happens, has been happening since the start. With that being said, it grinds my gears when people place female rap beef in the 'do not do' category and say it's because women should be uplifting each other. 

I personally believe that this concept is due to the main voices in Hip-Hop having been male. It's man-speak or coded language for, 'stay in a woman's place'.  Is this a reach, probably, but you still can't tell me otherwise. 

Granted, a good portion of those that criticize female rap beef are women, however, the men that take this argument and manipulate it in media shouldn't be overlooked. 

What the powers that be have failed to admit when discussing female rap beef is the truth, women can be fuckin petty. Period. 

I know that we all want to sit in a circle, sing Kumbaya, and chant about how much better women are than men, but let's be real, in the context of Hip-Hop neither sex is better than the other. 

Instead of separating the sexes we should acknowledge and accept the fact that rappers are human and rap is competitive. Thus, sometimes, shit is gonna pop off. 

I know there are women that preach female unity and how women should respect one another cause we're all sisters. I get it, especially in the misogynist world that we live in.

However, sometimes, you just don't like a person. It could be due to personal reasons, the vibe they give off or what they represent. 

Should women support and empower one another? Of course they should, however, nearly every woman has that ONE chick that they just don't fuck with, and more than likely, that chick is someone they work/worked with. 

Taking personal feelings out the mix, the Remy Ma vs. Nicki Minaj beef makes sense. Remove them from Hip-Hop and place them in corporate America. From a business perspective, it all makes sense. 

Think about how you would feel putting in X amount of years into a company just for them to promote someone fresh outta college over you.

It's frustrating. 

Flashback to Eve's comments on The Talk about her experience when she first entered the rap scene. 

Eve's immediate response was, 'you wanna battle me?' And if you remember correctly or go back and do your Googles, a rap beef eventually followed.

Instead of voicing their concerns to HR or sending passive agressive emails, femcees may indulge in a little beef. What better way to show that you're 'better' than to put said coworker on the spot.  

Nobody likes to be outshined by a fresh faced newcomer or the coworker that they feel they're  better than or they feel they've put in more work than. 

Is there room for more than ONE female rapper at a time OF COURSE, but once you get over that the context of a career its human nature to want to be considered the best and receive the accolades of being such. 

Till this day, we still argue over whose better between Tupac & Biggie and a constant conversation in Hip Hop is whose in your top 5. 

Women engaging in rap beef doesn't mean they don't support other women, it means that they take their job seriously and refuse to be outworked or outshined by their counterpart. 

Remy Ma vs Nicki Minaj or the speculated Nicki Minaj vs Cardi B isn't beef manufactured by men or even the industry. It's about respect, which I wholeheartedly respect. 

Remy Ma releasing ShEther was empowering. She didn't care for the way things were going in the 'office' and instead of shuckin and jivin and praying for outside forces to shift the game, she reminded herself of the business she's in and did what rappers do when they feel some type of way. 

Released a diss record, ignited a beef, aired out her grievance in the middle of the work floor...however you wanna put it. 

The backlash women face for speaking on things they don't agree with is ridiculous, especially in Hip-Hop. 

But that's just my opinion.... F.Y.I it's not just black women. 

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