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What Happened to R&B!?

On some random night, while listening to random music on iTunes R&B radio I'm hitting the 'next' button repeatedly cause nothing good is playing, nothing of subAstance, just....trash.

My phone freezes (I have a Droid, but iPhones freeze too right) Anyway, I restart iTunes, fully prepared to start abusing the 'next' button again, but then...

Khalid's 'Location' played. Is it some deep sultry light incense music, nah, (try Daniel Caesar 'Get You' for that) but it's a heavy record nonetheless.

Still with me? Let's continue...I hear:

Send me your location lets Focus on communicating 'cause

Stop...hold on, pause...*thinks about current relationship woes and how distance & bad communication are main topics*

I'm hooked. I love it....I think...
I just need the time & place to come through
Ohhh...not like my situation, but then:
I don't need nothing else but you

*Sits up*....Yasssssss....

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A religious routine I follow cause good male R&B is practically nonexistent, so yeah, I get excited.

Now music is an art and as such, it's open to interpretation whether the artist likes it or not, i.e Erykah Badu's statement, I'm sensitive about my sh!t'. All that to say, I try to listen to lyrics without bias, I know what I want them to mean, but what's the artist really saying? I mean, my opinion, alot of good music gets passed up cause it got lost in translation.

*Cue Genius*...*Replays song*

At times I wonder why I fool with you But this is new to me, this is new to you Initially, I didn't wanna fall for you Gather my attention it was all for you, so don't Take advantage, don't leave my heart damaged
To understand that things go a little bit better when you plan

You ever been unsober listening to Gnarls Barkley 'Crazy'...this is how I feel.

To be clear, while I don't identify with the song exacty Khalid's plea to his girl sucks me into my feelings & imagination and for 3mins and 37 seconds I'm imagining the idiot I'm in love with is making the same plea...

Get it? What happened to R&B!?!?

That meaningful ish. Men say women are acting like them these days and moving on quick....Well...without an R&B record out that pleads the case for them, women are listening to the same F em records they are....

Just my opinion tho

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