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Wale Still The Illest

"So grateful for that inspiration bro." -Wale

No, thank you Wale...

Now everyone is talking about J. Cole's latest. If you haven't heard it, idk what rock you're living under.

What excited me most about this release originally, was the fact that it reminded me of Friday Night Lights J. Cole.

As for the message in the song, one thing that False Prophets does is prove that it's not what you say, but how you say it.

Why am I excited about the record now? Groundhog Day.

Wale's response gives me hope. Like, legit hope for hiphop. Not to mention the public display of two successful black men being a beautiful example of true brotherhood.

But what I love most about Wale's response is his analysis of himself. Seems as if this generation forgot that what makes hiphop hiphop is the raw, unedited realness behind the music...behind the lyrics.

Honestly, I think we all can admit that accepting criticism, admitting our flaws and speaking our truths, is a hard thing to do. Here is Wale doing it publicly. I respect that man for that and hope the young black men watching take notes.

Wale's personal feelings on the rap game are well known. We all remember The Breakfast Club interview...but one thing I think Wale fails to see is the fact that he makes timeless music.

I mean, let be real, in 10+ years will you be singing one of these mumble rap records or 'Ambition'.

That's just my opinion tho....

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