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Throw The WHOLE Album Away 🚮

Earlier this month, December 9th to be exact, 4 Your Eyez Only dropped. Although the world didn't stop, I think we all can agree it paused.

Now, this isn't an analysis of 4 Your Eyez Only. But I'm going to use it to make my point. Think of an empty shelf, picture it in your head. Now put 4 Your Eyez Only on it... scoot it the left...

Still with me? Picture Friday Night Lights now...put it on the shelf...scoot it to the right. If you had to choose? If your LIFE depended on it...which one would you choose?

If you keep up with The Breakfast Club then you know Gucci Mane was a guest last week. During the interview, Charlamagne stated that Gucci's mixtapes seem harder than his albums. Gucci's response:

"...When I approach an album I get stiff. I get ridged, when I do a mixtape I'm just free spirited."

No one, in my mind, is more free spirited in their mixapes than Fabolous. He's easily in my Top 3 for this reason alone. I live for Fab's word play and don't let me be unsober, feeling philosophical and any Soul Tape come on. I get to preaching from the book of know the rest. Although he's king of the mixapes, many criticize his albums.

And I'm still waiting for Nicki Minaj to top Beam Me Up Scotty.

The point I'm trying to make is that often mixtapes are better albums. They've even added mixtapes to the charts, to this I say, better late than never.

Many forget The Coloring Book is a mixtape. and potentially the 1st mixtape to win a Grammy. A mixtape put 50 Cent on and revitalized Chris Brown's career.

If artist make better music and feel more comfortable with their mixtapes then F an album.

Throw that ish away🚮 ....that's just my opinion tho....

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