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The Unappreciated Art of the Female Flow

Whether anyone wants to admit it or not, the Hip-Hop community hasn't been this amped about a collective of female MC's for a while.

Unlike their male counterparts whose name, style and demeanor get passed down from one generation to the next, love and appreciation for the female MC seems to only come in waves.

When it comes to discussing Hip-Hop or the culture in general, regardless of who you have the conversation with, you're gonna hear 'you can't say that without mentioning...[insert a list of male rappers/influencers here].

After the above thought came across my mind, it made me angry. See I understand the importance of giving credit where it's due and as a lover of Hip-Hop in general, I couldn't help but find the underwhelming homage being paid to female rappers upsetting.

Until I did my Google's I thought this was simply because there weren't many female rappers. I honestly contributed a large part of the women who did make it success' to their rarity.

It wasn't until I looked beyond the surface and began to actively seek out female rappers that I realized the only thing that's rare is acknowledgement.

My previous thoughts on female rappers came from lack of information. I didn't know there were so many female battle rappers, let alone all female battle rap events or even that Lady of Rage was once signed to Death Row.

How does the saying go, 'the more you know'?

Well inspired by Remy Ma's Summer Jam performance, I wanted to take a moment appreciate a record from the first albums of some of the women she brought out.

You can't tell me that these women didn't inspire some of your favorite rapper's... Jay-Z for one. 🙃

But, per usual, that's just my opinion...

MC Lyte - 1988 - "Lyte As A Roc"

Lyte as a Rock, or I should say a boulder

Rolling down your neck, pounding on your shoulders

Never shall I be an emcee, called a wannabe

I am the Lyte, L-Y-T-E

This is the way it is, don't ever forget

Hear the rhyme by someone else and you know they bit

Queen Latifah - 1989 - "Latifah's Law"

Prepare to feel the wrath of the giver of all life

Fire and desire make you go a little higher

When I grab the wire of the mic

And get hype, I'm sorry your sound died

Cause I roll like the homicide squad

You must be broke and, hoping that I'm soft but I'm dope

Lady of Rage - 1997 - "Necessary Roughness"

I strike hard like Ben Frank's lightning rod

Leave you suckers scared (uh-huh) leave you suckers charred

Now you're burnt to a crisp, so check the vocalist

I get sick with my shit, wicked like sadistics

It'll be a +Black Moon+ when I _Enta Da Stage_

Grab the microphone, turn from Robin to Rage

Then I shoot from the jugular, I get rough and ruggeder

You can't front on this big body Southerner

Rah Digga - 2000 - "Showdown"

I'm runnin with my mens, I rock a pair of Timbs

With rhymin on the brain like scarves and hairpins

I'm tryin to see a black Benz with my back end

House on the hill with my publishin deal

Shows pay the bills, make it all connect

And do some corporate type shit, with my royalty check

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