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The Get Down: Everybody Needs A Ra-Ra.

When it comes to stepping outside the box or following your dreams, for the most part, everyone gets that same speech.

Real friends support you.

I mean, we've all seen memes like such:

That's cool and all, but the way I see it is, having someone that not only thinks differently from you, but also has the balls to speak on it is more important.

Have you seen The Get Down part 2 yet? No real spoilers, but some clips will follow...

After 'they' took our culture, we created a new one in HipHop. The Get Down beautifully pieces together how. Part 2 continues to follow the lives of the The Get Down Brother's as they begin figure shit out.

Having a crew in HipHop has always been important. Whose on your team? Whose a part of your movement?

As the story progresses and their dreams become more tangible, each character's contribution to the group changes.

I'm not talking musically. If you don't already know, this shit is way deeper than rap. It's a collective. Yea, the DJ and MC are important. But what's a blunt & some weed if you don't know how to roll.

Just like the break dancers and graffiti artist were important, so were the thinkers.

To my point, the Shaolin's & Zeke's of the world are important, but what would they be without the Ra-Ra's.

Shaolin visioned the Bronx, Ra-Ra visioned the world.

A person that blindly supports your vision for yourself, vision for you, will only go as far as your vision for yourself does.

Support is important, but anybody, trying to do anything, needs that a person that thinks differently.

That moves differently.

The 'crazy' person that makes decisions based on potential and not just the results.

The Ra-Ra's of the world have this ability to help manifest an artist's vision into reality by paying attention to the 'particulars'. Those extra details that seem insignificant.

They're not to be confused with managers. They plan, plot, think, and most importantly put things into perspective.

They're the talkers, analyzers, if this, than that-er's. You can disagree, but did Ra-Ra signed that Fat Annie contract quick AF.

It's not about business for them, it's about the vision. The two are independent of one another but together can create wonderful things.

Another quality that shouldn't go unnoticed is how they can get others, specifically non fans, to see and believe in the artist's vision also.

I'll say it again...yes, support is important, but to reach your full potential you gotta cover all your bases.

When everybody on your team is looking the same way, seeing things exactly how you see it, growth is limited.

So shoutout to the Ra-Ra's of the world. I'm tryin to be like him.

That's just my opinion tho...

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