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That Belly/Paid in Full Type 😍

If you don't know already, I'm a lame. #Certified

Which means, I'm not about that ride or die life. The only thing I'm holding is the aux cord, point blank.

My friends & family often look at me puzzled when I talk music, like how 💁

How can she listen to that? How can she like that? We know who raised her, but she wasn't raised like that...

As the daughter of a pastor and overprotective mother, I fell in love with hip hop after falling for someone that loved hip hop.

Understand that I'm only giving credit for exposing me to the genre. I've seen one too many judgemental memes on the topic and though I'm single, I've shared some shady comments on the matter with former suitors.

Let me paint the picture of my perspective....

Yes, 'good' girls like 'bad' guys, so that sets the foundation.

This one particular guy, I'll use as an example to provide insight, is handsome AF, so the whole good/bad vibe plus his attractiveness. 😍

But he's quiet...I mean real quiet. Not with the small talk or unnecessary sharing. Answer questions, yes or no, stone face. I asked him what he did once, socks was the answer. This quiet, fine, lowkey flashy nigga with limited social media sold socks...

Cue Hip Hop...

Now it's been years, since high school to be exact, and when I say dude is a blueprint of the music genre, believe me.

I would say Belly in the flesh, but he prefers Paid In Full. It was on a rendezvous with him that I realized that Boosie was the truth.

I feel like I lost ya, so let me connect the dots. He quiet, real quiet...but hip hop, the music is how he communicates.

Dudes like him embody the lyrics, the stories, the history. They learn how to move in the streets they're in, how to deal with life, feelings and emotions.

He's a real niggah that listens to real niggahs, which caused me to pay attention. I'm not out here selling socks, but I most definitely take notes.

Business is business and dudes that make/listen to that real ish, know how to handle theirs.

Again...that's just my opinion.

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