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Shawnna Announces New Music Dropping Next Week

Since being featured on Ludacris' What's Your Fantasy in the early 2000's, Shawnna has made some impressive moves in the world of Hip-Hop. From being the first female rapper signed to Def Jam South, to being one of the few women in Hip-Hop to reach #1 on Billboard 100.

Largely due to label issues, Shawnna eventually fallback from music after releasing Block Music in 2006. However, in June of this year, the former Disturbing The Peace member, announced an end to the long standing beef between DTP label owner/member Ludacris. The details of the reconciliation weren't made public, but with the music history between the two the why shouldn't matter.

Known for her raw and hard hitting bars, the Chicago MC isn't done just yet, and recently announced a new single "WYM" set to drop January 3rd 2020.

Check out a snippet below:

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