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Amber Cimone Is Ready to Play You For It With Her Latest EP Undrafted

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

If the saying with age comes wisdom is true, then Amber Cimone's Undrafted EP proves that she's well ahead of her time. Over three beautifully produced tracks, the Detroit, Michigan native doesn’t hold back as she expresses her frustration with being overlooked, the ups and downs of love, and more importantly, her determination to win against the opposition.

Cimone’s chill, yet precise flow is what stands out the most on the EP, as her vocals ride smoothly across the groves of each beat, successfully pulling listeners into her world. With songs like Tip Off, the rapper showcases her ability to create intricate, yet witty lines. Then, Shootin’ My Shot gives listeners a glimpse of her vulnerable side; however, it’s Follow Through that steals the shows. From the introduction to the featured artist (5’4) and down to the sample of Michael Jordan's speech, the song cements her ability to compose a solid record.

Despite its’ title, the level of confidence Cimone displays throughout Undrafted makes it hard to believe that she's her own team. If this is her now, she won’t be Undrafted much longer.

Take a listen for yourself below:

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