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Pain & Pleasure: Tink's Listening Mixer

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

Going into the event I really didn’t know what to expect. This was my first industry experience & I must say I was impressed. 

Everything was scheduled to start at 7pm but with this being an invite only situation I expected things would probably start late. No worries though, the plethora of complimentary catered food and signature cocktails kept all of us regular folk occupied until the guest of honor arrived. Tink walks in around 7:30 and of course the room erupted. She has a slender frame, decked out in what looks like a silk designer shirt dress & too much jewelry for someone as broke as me to ever come across. She looks absolutely stunning and so does the rest of the ladies with her. 

Beat faces and bodies to kill for.

Tink does a quick interview and then starts to greet and take pictures with her fans. I was taken aback by how humble, approachable and nice she was. She took pictures throughout the night and never gave off the 'I’m famous' vibe. 

After about twenty minutes or so Tink makes her way to the DJ booth & addresses the crowd about her much anticipated EP titled Pain & Pleasure because as she puts it, us ladies 'go through Pain & Pleasure with these niggas'.

She drops the first track Faded, a smooth love record with a vibe of it's own, before previewing what I immediately knew would be my favorite song on the EP, On To The Next, an instant hit. 

On To The Next has a beautiful melody & Tink’s soft vocals are a perfect match. This song is about the pain of being disappointed by a lover while finding the strength and confidence to quickly cut your losses and move on to the next prospect.  

Breakin Me is another song that spoke to my soul. When she says 'these niggas trash from the young to the old'... I felt that shit.

The overall theme seems to be that of a woman whose played the fool for a man one too many times. A woman trying to bounce back and be okay after her love shits on her; something way too common today. 

I love how Tink so methodically balances being able to sing & rap. She can carry a note & spit with the best of ‘em. Tink continues to beautifully represent the young women of today through her music. 

Pain & Pleasure has a vibe of it's own & Tink continues to stand out in a world filled with carbon copies, but with a name like Tink and sound completely her own, how could she not?


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