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Music Choices: What Do You Look For?

If Itunes, Google Play, Spotify, etc. showed you the number of times you've played a song, what would it tell people about you?

What would it tell YOU about you?

One thing I've noticed about people is that, a great majority of us, are so good at creating a perception of ourselves for other people that we don't even notice when we fall victim to our own 'alternative facts'.

I know you're probably thinking, huh? Stay with me tho, I promise there's a point to this.

They say a person's playlist will tell you everything you need to know about them. I personally, disagree. A person's playlist will tell you what they want to BELIEVE about themselves.

Playlist typically have a common theme among the tracks selected. A particular artist, sound or genre put together under a title that's indicative of a certain mood or favorite pastime.

Well what about everything else? What's in rotation when you're not 'Mad At Him', 'Work[ing] Out', or commencing in 'Mr. Nasty Time'?

Since there is no play count at the moment. At least none that I know of. Look at your most played or recently played if you don't have the option.

Now ask yourself, why do you like those songs? Are they all from one artist? What is it that makes that artist so great to you?

My friends and family often criticize my music choices. And I get this 'look' when people find out how much I genuinely love HipHop, particularly trap music.

And don't let me be unsober and get to quoting Gucci. I guess I just don't fit the description of a lover of hiphop...whatever that is 🙄

So obviously I've had time and many discussion on who, what, and why I like who I like.

To me, music can be feelings and emotions in physical form. One thing that attracts me to an artist is how much of themselves they put in their music.

You can tell when an artist puts their heart into it. It overshadows production quality and in some cases actual skill level. Now I'm not talking about all out trash artist, I'm talking about those diamonds in the rough.

You don't see or hear about too much artist development these days. Especially now that most new artist go the independent route anyway.

I think Lil Durk is a perfect example of what alot of artist are missing these days. People speculated about his 1st album dropping and how/why it was pushed back. But he had a team behind him and clearly everything is paying off for him right now.

Go watch his most recent Breakfast Club interview and then watch his first (it'll emphasize my point more int that order). His growth and development is guaranteeing his longevity.

Things like that, make me support an artist.

In a popcorn generation, I appreciate when an artist takes their time. Maybe it's my age, I don't know, but back in my day it was normal to get an album every couple years. The anticipation build up, the new CD smell when you popped the plastic off after fighting with that 'peel here' string and the frustration felt when you had to fight to open the case a little.

But I digress....

Another things that attracts me to the music, is the story behind it. If an artist has a story to tell, I'm all ears.

I say this all the time and I mean it, watching these artist make a way out of no way and believing in themselves is motivational. If they can do it going the 'nontraditional' route why aint my 'traditional' route taking behind aint out here getting it too.

They say hiphop degrades black women. Well, it motivated me. Helped me see my value...

But I just think differently.

This is how I choose my music. Who I support and what I look for in music. What about you? Why you push play on that? Ponder on that for a minute 🤔🤔

As always, this is just my opinion.

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