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Love & Hip Hop/Behind The Music...Same Difference

So here I am, catching up on Love & Hip Hop NY and I'm wondering, why does it get such a bad rap.I mean, how is this any different than the classic show Behind The Music....but in somewhat real time.

Think about it...

Among music lovers like myself, the ones that lived for Behind The Music & Driven, getting to hear the story behind the artist and their music...something like a blueprint to making it, Love & Hip Hop should be more socially accepted.

Before you say it's scripted/fake, understand that its STILL apart of these artist' stories...look at the bigger picture.

No shade, but for some Love & Hip Hop is the only place that you get to hear their music. They workin, regardless of the negative feedback. As nontraditional as it's still a platform.

That's just my opinion tho....

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