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Inspired: The Story Behind The Music

It's levels to this ish...we've all heard that before. 

It's levels to everything. When it comes to music, different people love it for different reasons. 

Nothing fascinates me more than watching a musician listen to music. To me, it's like watching art...let me explain.

I can see them see the music. Being able to hear specific notes, rifts, etc is a true skill, a talent...that I simply do not have. I'm not on that level.

In fact, I have absolutely no at all. I'm on that level.

Still with me?

My connection to music is different. It comes from more of an analytical perspective than anything. Music makes me think, often it makes me understand. While some sway to the beat, I listen to the lyrics, to the stories.

The best stage of any artist's career, to me, is the new artist stage and the I survived artist stage. During these periods, I image, artist experience the least amount of stress and have the ability to be true to themselves.

Further to my point...when I hear something in the music, I immediately want to know the story behind it...Like what happened?

Whaaat happened!? 

I miss the old VH1 television shows like Behind the Music, Where Are They Now & Driven. I remember watching these shows and thinking, sooo that's what inspired xyz and going oh wow then listening to the song, album, catalog, etc again with new found admiration and love.

I even remember watching The Basement with Big Tigger seeing guys that wasn't getting love no where else. How many guys murdered the booth and got a real shot after? And don't get me started on Cita...I hated the animation, but Cita's World was my show. 

And I can't forget seeing urban artist on TRL looking like they really F'in made it, waving out the window. 

Oh, F.Y.I..Yo MTV Raps and all the 'classics' were long gone when I was coming up. 👌😂

All that to say, for some the music comes alive because they can see it, for me it comes alive because I can believe it. 

Knowing that whomever I'm listening to grinded to make it, put their heart and soul in in causes me to fall in love with an artist.

Like it genuinely hurts my heart when my favorites drop 🚮. I think, you're better than that, you better find that old mofo that was hungry for it and get back in the booth.

Sometimes we're too busy living to realize that we're writing our own stories with each and every decision being made. Regardless of where you are if life, that's something we all can agree on. It's the very thing that connects me to the music.

But again...that's just my opinion 

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