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First Of It's Kind: Queens of Hip Hop Concert

Updated: Aug 8, 2020


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March 17th 2018. Phillips Arena, Atlanta, GA. The Queens of Hip-Hop Concert. 

My excitement got me to the venue early. Being a late 80's baby, it's pretty rare that I get to see history being made in the realm of Hip-Hop. However, because of S.E.M.G & 4M Entertainment I was able to witness the first Hip-Hop concert with an all Femcee lineup. 

What stood out the most about the show was the audience. A mix of several different generations under one roof just vibing to the same music. In a generation where old school and new school often clash, it was refreshing to see them both agree that they were really in the presence of true Queens. 

With performances from Nikki D, Monie Love, Lady of Rage, Yo-Yo, Mia X, Trina, MC Lyte, Eve, Rah Digga and Remy Ma there wasn't a moment to be missed.

Was it perfect? No, but epic nonetheless. From Nikki D and Rah Digga's sprint from the police to Yo-Yo's comedic commentary to the house party that started in the front of section 3, the concert was a hit. 

First up, the show's opener, up incoming Atlanta artist and contest winner, Omeretta The Great. 

While you may not know her now, something tells me you will. Omeretta gave a great performance, one of my personal favorites. I wish more people had gotten to see her in action. 

My only real critique about the show surrounds her performance. I didn't understand why there was such a large gap between her performance and the start of the actual show. 

Nevertheless, the show continued and the audience eventually filled in. 

According to DJ Chubs' audience survey, a large percentage of the audience was over the age of 30, a few over 50, but everyone in attendance was living their best life going down memory lane with the ladies during their performances . 

You could legit feel the energy in the arena increasing with from song to song with each performer.  

Two of the more personal performances of the night came from Lady of Rage and Yo-Yo. You could feel their emotions radiate from the stage. From Rage speaking on her recent health problems and how the show motivated her to get better to Yo-Yo's emotional announcement that she'd be joining The Technique tour. 

Another moment that tugged at my heart was seeing Mia X be honored by the ChargeUp campaign for being a cancer survivor. 

You really go to see how much the music meant to each of them and you felt like your attendance was as much appreciated by them as their performances were by you. 

I thoroughly enjoyed MC Lyte's performance from beginning to end, almost lost it when Eve did Love is Blind, and want you to know that despite what the internet wants you to believe, people really fux with Remy Ma. Her freestyle was a great close to a great show. 

That's just my opinion tho.

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