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Don't Sleep On Features: My Road To Rakim

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

Remember that song that song by Truth Hurts, you know the one Addictive.

He's so contagious, returns my pages...

I use to listen to that religiously. At the time, I had no idea what it was really about but it was smooth, it was melodic, and it was catchy.

He's got me anxious, he's what I've waited for...

Those that remember the song, should also remember the controversy over the sample.

If not, meh... I'm not going into detail cause that's not where I'm going with this, but...

I remember watching MTV I believe, don't remember which particular show and they asked DJ Quik about it. In his response he kept it 💯 and that led me to wanting to know more, which l guess you could say that that was the beginning of something beautiful.

Now at this point I just liked Rakim's personality and of course Addictive.

However, as a lover of routine and patterns I couldn't help but notice one consistency in hip hop, and that was Rakim being mentioned by all of my then favorite rappers as someone who they listened to. Yea, curiosity can kill the cat, but it also can upgrade your playlist. The latter is what happened for me.

Thinking of a master plan, cause aint nothing but sweat inside my hand

So I dig into my pocket, all my money spent

So I dig deeper, but still coming up with lint

So I start my mission, leave my residence

Thinking how could I get some dead presidents

Come on somebody...come TF on.

I destroyed the replay button. And don't get me started on It's Been A Long Time. I find it absolutely genius how he paints pictures with his lyricism.

Discovering him was the point where I began to understand the saying, your favorite rapper's favorite rapper.

Now fast forward a few years, a couple interviews, and some commentary...and still one consistent thing in Hip Hop is the mention of Rakim.

If he's not in your Top 5, mannnn...idk. I mean sure these new dudes are popular, but their time is limited. Rakim on the other hand is timeless.

That's just my opinion tho....☉🌜☄

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