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Roxanne Wars 2017: Remy Ma & Nicki Minaj Rap Beef

Round One

June of last year, not sure where my head was, but I criticized the lack of epic female rap battles.

At 26, I hadn't known one to ever exist.

Now I understood that there had been female rap beefs, but two artist being mad at each other doesn't automatically make a mark in history. I mean really, for this generation, what epic tales of female MC's going bar for bar do we have.....

Cue my big sister

Roxanne battles!?!? I needed to know more, so I did my Google's and after learning more, the void that existed in my heart, of not having seen something like that in my time became larger.

I soon learned that the Roxanne Wars were a series a rap response records that turned the rap/battle game on it's head.

The more popular of the series being records from Roxanne Shanté & The Real Roxannes.

In a generation where memes are revered more than bars, a few things can be learned from the Roxanne's back and forth. The most important ones being that bars matter and females MC's DO have bars.

Fast forward to February 24th 2017.

Cue the beginning of Remy Ma's response. When she posted the video of her laughing, I knew something AMAZIN' was gonna happen. Then, it did.

What this generation doesn't really get about hiphop, is the components. What comprises the culture. Hiphop is so much more than sales, a hit record, and even bars. It's timing, it's tactics, cover art, beats, etcs.

With one post, Remy did something that I honestly think went over people's head. Something that I hope history will emphasize on, she TAGGED Nicki in her post about Nicki.

In 2017, the era of fake love and sneak dissin' Remy took it way back to the old days and in true Roxanne fashion, left no room for confusion and responded directly. I mean Drake never even said Meek's name.

Remy, a female MC on the other hand, said fuck the bullshit, bish I'm talkin' bout YOU, and for nearly seven minutes, Remy went crazy.

While most are focusing on the tea Remy spilt while spittin, I couldn't help but get lost in the wordplay.

"You a internet troll, a web browser, I'm sorry. You can't get a online without safari (Safaree)"

Yikes...I mean c'mon son.

Immediately after people began declaring Remy the winner, saying Nicki's over. But I don't recall a fat lady ain't over.

In my mind, and I pray that I'm right, this is only the beginning or as I've labeled it, the Roxanne Wars 2017. Let us not forget that Nicki 👏 got 👏 bars 👏 too👏

It's only Round One...but again, that's just my opinion tho.

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