"Today I'm not the queen, a sista, role model, or friend
Today I'm that bitch that'll shoot you a fair one, this don't exclude men" - Queen Latifah 'Name Callin Pt. 2'

One of the hardest records in Hip-Hip, but 9 times outta 10, whomever is reading this is learning about it for the first time. Probably because it came from a woman. We have to change that. 

By celebrating female MC 'sas we do male MC's, we could bridge the divide between the sexes, lessen the burden that the women who have made it have to carry and bring misogyny in Hip-Hop closer to an end. 

But that's just my opinion. 

D. Alice Weaton

Operations & Communications Management

"Never let you muhfuckas put out my flame, Ready for whatever, was trained to maintain,
And I always been a savage 'bout the fame
, Separate the girls from the women and the winnin'
Always knew the thrill was worth it from the beginnin', Baby what's the deal I'm hurtin' 'em how I'm livin'
I gotta conquer it all now the world's my wish." -Eve 'Satisfaction'

The love of music and women empowerment brought me to Fierce Flows. Black women specifically, we're the purveyors of culture. We make shit happen. It's time for the woman to take her proper time to shine and create opportunities for those around her. 


Brand Management

"If you’re gonna call me a bitch, make sure you put the baddest in front of it.” -Trina


I love Female hip hop because it is so multifaceted. I’m a professional, bourgeois type of woman that’s kind of a rat deep down inside. My taste in female hip hop is all over the place. And that’s the beauty of it. No matter the mood or mindset, there’s a Femcee for you. It’s time for the Femcee conversation to come to the forefront of Hip-Hop conversations. 

Tracey M.

A&R Coordinator


“I rock and stuff with my Afro Puff Aye rock on with your self” - Lady of Rage

I fell in love with hip hop when my brother baby sat me, and he had to comb my hair while our mama was at work. The only thing he knew how to do was part my hair and give me to afro puffs. After he would comb my hair he would play Lady of Rage and I would just rap the chorus and dance.


When I hear femcees on the mic I get so excited because they body the mic just as great if not better than their male counter parts. 


If I had to choose who my favorite femcee is, I'd say Lauryn Hill. I don’t care where I am when she comes on, I'm turning up the volume and having a moment as if nobody is around.

Measha H.

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